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Wherever you stand now, the next step for your career should always be the optimal choice.
Leave all the hard work to our labour market experts, all you need to do is to tell us what you love.

Hatchlings | Internship, Externship, and Co-op
We want your tie to shine. In order to show the world your new fancy tie, you first need to give good impression from your resume.
We can build the value for you by offering our pool of respected partners. Carry out responsibilities that you have possibly never imagined before. Share your passion with us, and then we will have the best experiences prepared for you. Join our extensive internship program to gain your edge for your competition.
Don’t let your passion lie in your fantasy; we will actualize it for you, leading your passion through your career success.

Adventurers | Work, and Travel
We love it when your goal is new, creative, and dynamic to the market.
Look into our travel and work programs with support services to ensure your experience is personal, cultural, and professional.
Expand your world to countless exotic destinations such as Banff, Canmore, Vancouver, Whistler, and more!

Veteran | Professional Boost
Let us become your friend when you are taking the next step in your career.
Our experience in the Vancouver labour market will narrow down your concerns into a tangible path. Of course, years of your professionalism are valuable, but we know who will want you the most.
Tell us about your unique timeline, and we are excited to have you on board.

Hospitality | Retail, Hotel, Casino, Tourism
Vancouver has consistently named as one of the top five worldwide cities for liveability and quality of life. Through our company’s participation in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, we cultivated web of partnerships with major hotel groups.
Specialists | Exterior, Interior, Carpentry, Technicians
Inspired by diversity and creativity, Vancouver has always been your ideal work place. If you always desired of becoming a creator, this might be just for you. Join the Vancouver’s endless expansion. Build Vancouver, build your career!
Business | Marketing, Trade, Logistics, Administrations
Vancouver’s thriving economy is supported by various industries of financial, marketing, logistics and trade. Vancouver hosted major international conferences and events that led to open and healthy competition that brought in international enterprises to engage in recruiting local professionals. Establishment of multinational firms also attracts numerous international smart minds globally. Join the growing market, and be our next entrepreneur.
IT | Programming, Graphics & Design, Optimization
Vancouver is rapidly shifting into technology managed, optimized, and utilized city that lures hundreds of thousand technology experts. Growing startups and online services firms provide an affluent pool of opportunities that might be yours in the near future.


Your next goal may require some boost. Our expert can map your potential paths, to optimize your success.

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You want to stay, we want you to stay. Discover various solutions to your situation.

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Internship, Externship, and Co-op

SP Solution screens the best young candidates to help them acquire their career field experience with our extensive internship partners and government funded programs.
Internship is the first step to gain work experience and to find the right career for you.
Working in the multicultural environment lets you become more adaptable in the fast changing global market and through this program we will lay a firm groundwork for your ultimate career success in the future.

Work, and Travel

SP Solution offers all-inclusive travel and work programs and support services to ensure your experience is a personal, cultural, and professional success.
Vancouver being the popular tourist destination, we invite you to travel and gain work experience at the same time in this beautiful city.
Our successful experience will match with your passion and skills to find the best suitable jobs for you from five star hotel resorts in Whistler to Downtown hospitality/casino resorts.

Professional Boost

SP Solution provides high quality solution for your next step in your career.
Our experience in the business field will lead you through your next career movement step by step, keeping you up to date and offering advice throughout the whole process.
Our strong relationships with host companies will give you the best possible chance of securing a job. We offer the best possible service to each candidate, and our direct contact to head managers will deliver accurate information and expectation for your career success.







We are different than an Employment Agency or a College.
We are one of the leading companies in Global Career Development industry located in Vancouver.




We are different than an Employment Agency or a College.
We are one of the leading companies in Global Career Development industry located in Vancouver.

Understand Global Market
SP Solutions takes global applicants and significantly improves their skills and employability via our Career development program. Our global team understands deeply how important international professional experience is in today’s job market.

CDP Program
SP offers practical Career Development Program to young professionals and international students to build and find bright future. Through the Career Development Program at SP, Candidates are able to set their Career goals and put their enthusiasm into tangible process.

SP work with leading companies/NGOs/governments in all of our program destinations. Since our founding in 2010, we have experienced rapid growth. Top colleges/universities in Asia, Europe and South America have partnered with us, recognizing the educational value and tremendous career development boost of our programs.



Also, we would like to invite Host companies to join and participate in our Global Career Development Program to provide opportunity to College Students and Young professionals who need hands-on experience in the real field.

Belief, Benefit
We strongly believe in people, and the contribution that the host companies make towards the candidates not only fulfills the social responsibility of a company, but also in return, can benefit from the candidates as a future human resource for the company.

We value ambition, adventure and an international mindset. We also value academic excellence and thinking outside the box. We feel that the best way people can both develop professionally and learn about themselves is by getting out of their comfort zone and facing the new challenges. We are here to support candidates and as well as host companies. Your success is our success.